Things I Use

Where is the website hosted? Are you using a custom-designed WordPress theme? What hardware and software do you use?

I get these questions frequently so here’s a complete list of web services, software and computer hardware that I use here.

Web Services I Pay For

  • Web Hosting: Altervista
  • WordPress Themes:Altervista
  • Email Newsletter: MailChimp
  • Web Domains:Altervista
  • Monetization: Google AdSense

Gadgets & Computer Hardware

  • Computers: 27″ iMac, RM Mobile One
  • Mobile Phone: Blackberry Q10 (Android)
  • Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 7000
  • Mouse: Microsoft Touch
  • Printer & Scanner: HP Photosmart

Software & Web Apps

  • Notes: Wiznote
  • Video Editing: Openshot
  • Screencasting: simplescreenrecorder
  • Screen Capture: Shutter
  • Image Editing: Gimp
  • Text Editing: Visual Studio Code
  • Web Browser: Chromium
  • Office: Libreoffice
  • Files: Google Drive
  • CMS: WordPress